Ranged Damage Decklist December 28 2014 Patch 2.8. arrows>sun

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Ranged Damage Decklist December 28 2014 Patch 2.8. arrows>sun

Post by Domswagniel on Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:15 am

Wow i love this deck, like its really op honestly. just think about it, it SO EASILY boosts everything's damage up to rediculous amounts, just imagine a situation where echoing longbow one shots your entire field im already calling that when this deck sees play it will get BIG nerfs. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comment section below.
3x Archery Sergeant 3
2x Raven, Quickshot 5
3x Feyfolk Historian 8

3x Sprite Archer 11
3x Illani Longshot 14
2x Elven Bowchanneler 16
1x Siek Sentry 17
3x Hired Gun 20
3x Singing Arrows 23
3x Echoing Longbow 26
2x Reanimated Delinquent 28
3x Siek Turret 31
2x Wyrmrider 33
1x Wyn, Norian Prince 34

3x Motivation on the wind 37
2x Dryad of Melody 39
2x Sonic Wall 41
1x Elai, Harmonious 42
3x Singing Tree 45

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