Mechanical Decklist December 28 2014 Patch 2.8. +1

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Mechanical Decklist December 28 2014 Patch 2.8. +1 Empty Mechanical Decklist December 28 2014 Patch 2.8. +1

Post by Domswagniel on Sun Dec 28, 2014 8:21 am

Hey guys, so i made this deck based around being VERY consistent in the fact that you can always mechanic into architect, then search out junkyard, then mill through many clockwork sentinels and gizmo bots so that way you can draw through most of your deck, and since you are milling so often you also get bonuses to fallen titan if you get him out (ouch). but no seriously this deck should mill 5-10 cards per turn which is pretty rediculous with all the plusses you can get, one of my personal favorite decks so far. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comment section below.
3x Mechanic 3
2x Architect 5
3x Gizmo Bot 8
1x Ticking Time Bomb 9
1x Fallen Titan 10
3x Junkyard 13
3x Siek Turret 16
3x Clockwork Sentinel 19

3x Soulless Fugitive 22
3x Deathsail Buccaneer 25
2x The Nest 27
3x Loaning Agency 30
3x Reanimated Delinquent 33
1x Ignis Fattus 34

1x Shadeling 35
3x Silhouette 38
3x Druid of the claw 41
3x Annihilation 44
1x Sky Whale 45

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