Couincil of War Decklist December 28 2014 Patch 2.8. CoW

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Couincil of War Decklist December 28 2014 Patch 2.8. CoW

Post by Domswagniel on Sun Dec 28, 2014 7:47 am

Hey guys, I made this Council of War deck based around being able to gain control of your opponent then when you get a small lead, be able to capitalize and snowball the whole game in your favor, i did this by using the innate attack advantages of acolyte of the coyote and council of war when you have a full field, i aided this advantage game by adding silver sword and hulking gorilla. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comment section below.
3x Charging warrior 3
3x Rampaging Marauder 6
2x Pain Seer 8
3x Acolyte of the Coyote 11
2x Pillager 13
3x Vigilante 16
2x Blood Harvester 18
3x Council of War 21
3x Blood Wrought Rhino 24
2x War Pike 26

2x Architect 28
1x Territorial Wolf 29
2x Deathsail Buccaneer 31
3X Pirate Ship 34
2x Enval the Berzerker 36
3x Silver Sword 39
2x Siek Turret 41
3x Hulking Gorilla 44
1x Naliph, Flame King 45

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