Underplayed Decklist December 28 2014 Patch 2.8. Meg

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Underplayed Decklist December 28 2014 Patch 2.8. Meg

Post by Domswagniel on Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:32 am

Well this deck is literally just a compilation of all the underplayed/underpowered mercenaries in the game. The numbers of how many cards i decided to add of each are dependant on how underplayed/underpowered each card was, oh and by the way it has about 0 synergy and is more of a troll deck. Either way, feel free to leave any feedback in the comment section below
2x Rotting Soldier 2
1x Shatterbone Footman 3
1x Spectre 4
2x Siek Sentry 6
3x Direhawk 9
2x Playful Fox 11
1x Druid of the Claw 12
1x Druid of the Wing 13
1x Freelancing Feyfolk 14
2x Phase Elf 16
3x Mystic Hunter 19
2x Ticking Time Bomb 21
2x Salamander 23
2x Seraph 25
1x Lord Salvoth 26
2x Silver Light 28
2x Norian Laborer 30
2x Sentient Tempest 32
3x Arachnid Trapmaster 35
1x Tjin-lo Sturdy 36
1x Druid of the sound 37
1x Druid of the shell 38
2x Phase Stalker 40
2x Phase Transporter 42
2x Wyrmrider 44
1x Winged Salamander 45

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