Crusader's Empathy Launch Event

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Crusader's Empathy Launch Event Empty Crusader's Empathy Launch Event

Post by Bliztron on Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:57 pm

It is finally here! Thanks to the dedication of the small playerbase who have helped build a solid game, Crusader's Empathy will finally be hitting Tabletop Simulator in a big way!

The event will last between February 7th and February 8th. This event date may be extended or postponed due to technical problems.

In honor of this special event, there are several bonuses! First and foremost, anyone who participates in this Launch Event will receive one of two specialized card backs.

Male Crusader

Female Crusader

(Art created by thomaswie vegg and Warmics)

In addition to these card backs, a brand new board is being contributed by Zionn Craig, who also helped with the uploading of the cards.

Once again, thank you to all the supporters of Crusader's Empathy and let us remain vigilant in our fervor as the game approaches the release of Set III.

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