Elayeth's Warriors (Bog Deck)

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Elayeth's Warriors (Bog Deck) Empty Elayeth's Warriors (Bog Deck)

Post by Wolverine Penis on Fri Nov 14, 2014 8:40 pm

x2 Illani Longshot
x2 Elven Spell Weaver
x2 Mechanic
x2 Architect
x3 Unyielding Swamp
x2 Drayd Of Melody
x2 Watery Apparation
x2 Mud Trap
x3 Bog Fiend
x3 Bog Witch
x1 Sky Whale
x2 Norian Warrunner
x2 Norian Archer
x2 Siek Turret
x2 Norian Feral
x2 Swamp Dasher
x3 Wicked Crockahawk
x1 Wyn, Norian Prince
x2 Fallen Angel
x1 Enval The Berserker
x2 Sky Guardian
x2 Poacher

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