Metagame Analysis -Patch 2.3-

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Metagame Analysis -Patch 2.3- Empty Metagame Analysis -Patch 2.3-

Post by strobe on Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:36 pm

Hello all, with the release of Patch 2.3, it's time for another metagame analysis.

Tier 1:

Bog Human

Tier 1.5:

Council of War
Pure Humans
Pure Undead
Pure Shadewalkers -Gateway-

Tier 2:

Pure Feyfolk
Pure Shadewalker -Gatewayless-
Pure Canarothian -Council of War-less-

Tier 3:

Anything Else

Explanations for Tier 1 + 1.5

Bog Humans: Self-explanatory. After the nerfs to all other tier 1 decks, Bog Humans remained untouched. They are without a doubt, the strongest deck this format due to the prevalence and dominance of aggro decks.

Council of War: Aggro decks are still very strong this format, and Council of War decks remain powerful. Set 2 also gave them the addition of Siek Turret, an absolute powerhouse when combined with the other rush aspects of the deck.

Feyr8: Even though the changes to Giver of Life have nerfed the deck somewhat, Feyr8 still remains a very powerful combo deck.

Pure Humans: Self-explanatory as well. Humans have traditionally been a powerful mid-tier deck, combining above-average attack with stellar defensive plays. Set 2 has also given them consistency as well as an interesting aggro-combo with Stables, forcing the opponent to kill your cards before they get one-shotted.

Pure Shadewalker -Gateway-: Powerful deck as always (before Set 4 lol), Set 2 has given them Gateway and powerful boss monsters. Beatdown with hasted 5 atttack boss monsters on turn 1 is DEFINITELY a threat.

Pure Undead: Undead structure is broke. End of story.

Also, from now on, I'll post "decks murdered by Patch Notes", a way to forever memorialize powerful decks that were brutally beat down and **** by the Patch Notes.

Decks Murdered by Patch Notes:

Altar Abuse
Feyr8 (pure boss monster abuse)

~RIP in pepperonis, sweet princes. May you be showered in pepsi.~


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