Metagame Analysis -Patch Notes 2.2-

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Metagame Analysis -Patch Notes 2.2- Empty Metagame Analysis -Patch Notes 2.2-

Post by strobe on Sun Nov 09, 2014 1:41 pm

Tier 1:

Bog Humans

Tier 1.5:

Council of War
Pure Humans
Pure Undead
Pure Shadewalkers -Gateway-

Tier 2:

Any Fey variant that's not Kraken Abuse
Any Shadewalkers that's not Gateway
Any Canarothians that's not Council of War

Tier 3:

Anything else

Concerning the current metagame, it is clear that there are three kinds of deck styles that have risen, and each of the playstyles seem to hold a distinct advantage over the other.

These styles are:


Self-explanatory, really.

Control revolves around exploiting opponents' weaknesses and using a sort of "toolbox" to remove threats and gain advantage.
Combo decks revolve around stalling and waiting for the right cards to make a massive play that puts the opponents at a serious disadvantage.
Aggro decks revolve around placing generic strong units to create instant advantage and then keeping the advantage constant through aggression.

Examples of Control: Altar Control, Feyfolk variants. Humans, etc.
Examples of Combo: Altar Control, Feyr8, Bog, etc.
Examples of Aggro: Council of War, Humans, Bog, etc.

Generally speaking, Control beats Aggro, Aggro beats Combo, and Combo beats Control.

Tier 1 deck summaries:

Feyr8: This deck fits around the "combo" type of deck. A common combo is to stall with big bodies and mid-ground creatures and then hard-cast the Fey Advisor to add various event cards to your hand in order to power the main 3.14r8 boss monsters. In the event that the major combo piece (Kraken) is damaged or threatened, they can just recall the card and hardcast it again with little to no honor and continue to -1 their opponents with Kraken's effect.

Strategy against Feyr8: They are a very strong deck, but suffer severely if huge amounts of aggression are placed against them early, forcing them to waste honor to defend themselves which disrupts them from making combo plays.

Sp00kwalkers: THE HYPE IS REAL. But seriously, this deck is the definition of an "aggro" deck. The ability to instantly place down multiple 5 attack, hasted beatsticks in a single turn is definitely a force to be reckoned with. However, the true problem lies in the interaction with Bloated Bag, Isle of the Undead, and any undead card in general. With Bloated Bag, one can constantly recast low-cost, powerful creatures for virtually no honor, essentially +1'ing every turn.

Strategy against Sp00kwalkers: Anything with a strong defense stat is a way to beat most Sp00kwalker variants. Defend properly and capitalize on misplays and the deck will kill itself sooner or later. Classic Shadewalkers.

Bog Human: A very skeptical tier 1 "control" deck. The only reason this deck deserves any mention is because of the very strange and powerful anti-meta matchups that it against most decks. As the metagame predominately has more aggressive and beatdown-esqe type decks, Humans have been very powerful due to their high defensive stats. With the new Bog cards, humans have more power in the form of Mud Trap, which gives the human "Taunt" cards viability, the Bog structure, which serves as a "-1" attack to enemy units, and the bog bosses, which serve as the strong-bodied, vanilla beatstick bosses humans have always needed.

Strategy against Bog Human: The deck has virtually NO offensive prowess. Capitalize on the non-aggression, set up, and only make aggressive pushes if you are sure you can benefit from it.

The reason I chose these 3 decks as tier 1 is because they do not suffer AS MUCH from negative matchups and playstyles. Each deck still has the capacity to beat their supposed "checks" if blessed by the RNG gods, unlike most other decks which CRUMBLE if against a negative matchup.

Thanks, and you are all free to discuss and debate with me.


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