Hit 'Em Very Hard (Council of War Patch Notes 3.2)

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Hit 'Em Very Hard (Council of War Patch Notes 3.2) Empty Hit 'Em Very Hard (Council of War Patch Notes 3.2)

Post by Bliztron on Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:13 am

Main Deck
2x Charging Warrior
3x Rampaging Marauder
3x Pain Seer
3x Acolyte of the Coyote
2x Death Initiate
3x War Chieftain
2x Vigilante
3x Territorial Wolf
3x Norian Feral
3x Siek Turret
1x Wyn, Norian Prince
2x Furious Savage
3x Mystic Watcher
1x Rakghar, Coyote Scholar
3x Wind Spirit
1x Doggar, Wild
1x Winged Salamander

Reserve Deck
2x Council of War
1x Nullification Mage
1x Rolin, Armsmaster
1x Fjor, the Prestigious
1x Horde Commander
1x Horde Breaker
1x Soul Leech
1x Reinforcements


Using the attack boosts of the Canarothian cards and Mystic Watcher (which doubles all buffs) and cards that can attack multiple times, Council of War shapes into a powerful mob strategy midrange deck, using heavy hitters such as Norian Feral and Siek Turret, as well as solid bodies such as War Chieftain and Territorial Wolf. The advisors offer good Honor generation with Fjor (a great card right now) and Soul Leech, while also buffing attacks even further with Horde Breaker and Rolin, Armsmaster. Popping your board is also incentivized with Reinforcements and Horde Commander. The deck includes a couple key uniques such as Winged Salamander for AoE and Group 3 removal, Doggar, Wild for a powerful Attack buff that goes well with the other cards, and Wyn, Norian Prince, which can instantly fill a group by itself for Horde Commander and Council of War.

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