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Post by Bliztron on Sun Nov 09, 2014 1:18 pm

Within the world of Crusader's Empathy, the separate factions and races fight for dominance. Each match is a battle fought, painting the world red.

The four main races of the world engage of war with each other due to past grievances.

Humans: The Humans of the world live in the midwest on the plains. Being foreign to the magic of the world, they turn to celestial deities and technology for advancements in warfare. The war with the other races united the human lords out of intense civil war that had lasted several centuries. They started war with the Canarothians after being attacked. They turned to cutting down the Feyfolk trees in order to fuel their forges, and made enemies with them.

Feyfolk: The Feyfolk of the south live within expansive forest raised by them. Their leaders, the Grovekeepers, are intensely powerful, able to raise forests in their path. Usually peaceful, they become expert archers since birth, as everyone is trained in it. When the humans attacked from the west and the Canarothians attacked from the northeast, the Feyfolk were dragged into the war.

Canarothian: The Canarothians are a race built on the concept that power was everything. Since murder was a perfectly legal and generic thing, one must learn to defend themselves at all turns. It is completely illegal to torture or cause continual harm to a person either mentally or physically, however. When they expanded to the Jai-Mau mountains and attacked the outlying human settlements, the humans struck back, capturing Canarothians. The Canarothians did not understand why the humans were so upset, but the tortue of the captured Canarothians created war. Meanwhile, the Canarothians traveled south to try and gain ground there. They eventually started burning down Feyfolk trees.

Shadewalkers: Previously a isolated race of creatures, some tapped into the dark forces beyond and invited chaos into their land. This chaos, brought on by the Ancient Ones, swiftly consumed the lands of the Shadewalkers, turning them into emotionless, soulless minions who sacrificed themselves willingly to the Ancient Ones. This new forces has spread across the land, wanting to devour the world.

You may only have one of the four races in a  single deck, and cannot intermingle them. You can, however, add in any combination of mercenaries.


Several other races spread throughout the world come to help in the war. Acting as mercenaries, they all wish to forge alliances after the war.


Standard Deck List card limit: 35
Reserve Deck List card limit: 10

You may only have 3 of a specific card in your deck.

Unique means you can only have one of that card in your deck.

[Deck]..............[G1-1][G1-S2][G1-S3]..........................[G2-S1][G2-S2][G2-S3]...[Advisor 1]
.................................................................................................................[Advisor 2]
[Discard]........................................[G3-S1][G3-S2][G3-S3].............................[Advisor 3]

Above is the board. G = Group, and a S = Slot. A unit may switch groups once per turn, unable to take any other actions that turn. A unit cannot switch if it has attacked that turn.

Every turn, at the beginning of your turn, your passive honor gains 3 Honor tokens. At the start of each of your turns, you must make a choice between three options: drawing a card, choosing an advisor or structure from your Reserve and putting it to your hand, or adding all stored Honor to your active Honor.

If you choose to draw a card, draw it from the top of your deck and put it into your hand. There is no maximum hand limit.

If you choose to receive a card from your Reserve Deck (a deck of 10 cards full of Advisors and Structures.) and add it to your hand.

If you choose to gain all stored Honor, resetting the Honor Dice to 0 and transferring all stored Honor to your Active Honor, represented by using an Honor Dice. Each card has an Honor cost that is represented on the top right of the card. In order to play that card, you must have the required amount of Active Honor.

You may not attack any unit in group 3 if there is a unit in group 1 or group 2. Units in group 3 cannot attack unless there is no units in your group 1 or 2.

Units can be placed in any slot in any group. Structures can only be placed in group 3, and cannot attack or defend.

Advisors are special cards that grant benefits to you. They cannot be removed by any player, and last until the end of the game.

There are three ways that you can lose. One is to obtain 15 cards in your discard. Another is to have no units or structures on your field. The final losing condition is having no additional cards to draw from your deck. Having any of these conditions ring true causes you to lose.

The enemies defense is how much damage your unit takes when your unit attacks that enemy, also referred to as counter.

Events act as instantaneous actions that have an immediate effect. They are not discarded and instead destroyed.

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