The Crusader's Empathy Core System has been completely revamped!

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The Crusader's Empathy Core System has been completely revamped! Empty The Crusader's Empathy Core System has been completely revamped!

Post by Bliztron on Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:43 pm

After long consideration and consultation with numerous people, the core system of Crusader's Empathy has been fully reconstructed. For the full rules, check out the Basis for the Game.

Main points are a reforging of the Honor System, how advisors and structures function, and the start of the game. At the start of every turn, players now have the option to transfer Passive Honor to Active Honor, draw a card, or choose a card from their Reserve Deck.

Honor System

Instead of the old Honor gain each turn system, the game now features two Honor numbers. One is Passive Honor, and the other is Active Honor. Passive Honor is represented by a Honor Tokens, while Active Honor is represented by Honor dice.

At the start of each turn, during transition phase, the player about the take their turn gains 3 Passive Honor. The player can then choose at the start of their turn to gain all Passive Honor and transfer it to their Active Honor, which can be used to pay Honor Costs. Passive Honor is then reset to 0.

Reserve Deck vs. Standard Deck

Now, each player's deck will consist of 10 cards in their Reserve Deck and 35 cards in their standard deck. All forms of draw are drawn from the standard deck. Reserve Deck consists of a combination of Structures and Advisors. Choosing a card from the Reserve Deck puts the chosen card in your hand.

Start of the Game

At the start of the game, each player proceeds to flip a coin (or roll a dice). The winner can choose whether to go first or second. Regardless, both players can choose to shuffle any cards from their hand back into their deck and draw cards until they reach 5 cards again. This can only be done once.

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