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Post by Bliztron on Sat Apr 25, 2015 12:05 pm

Dear Grand Arcanist, powerful and brilliant,

The War below us has reached a new critical mass. Hundreds die across the continent daily. Forces from every realm gather to join in on the conflict. And, as the armies close in, our glorious city itself is threatened. War has ravaged this land, turning Mother Earth into nothing more than a carcass. We cannot stand ignorant any longer.

The war calls to us now, and we must make a choice. We could, have it as you will, lie in wait for the other races to turn upon u s. We could ready our defenses and let the world below be conquered. The Canarothians would butcher us all if the reign victorious. The Humans would turn in fear of our Magic. The Feyfolk would condemn our unruly ways, and the Nether forbid us imagine what the Shadewalkers would do. Our other choice is for us to rally, and fight against these growing armies. Staying ignorant will only make our forces falter in power; we would quickly be destroyed. I have sent a missive to every Eye. Each has agreed that we must descend from our jewel of a city and combat these growing forces. You are the final say in our city's entrance into the war. Grand Arcanist, powerful and brilliant, it is in your hands. As the final say in this city's affairs, we need your signature in order for us to enter this war.

Remember, Grand Arcanist, powerful and brilliant, standing ignorant will be our demise. Listening to the call of war will lead to our strengthening. Our magic has been deprived from this world for too long. Our time to act is now.

Your loyal Advisor,

Joi Kun

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