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Effect Rulings and Clarification Empty Effect Rulings and Clarification

Post by Bliztron on Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:04 pm

This is the compendium of all clarifications of specific actions and what is available to you.

Upon Placement

  • When you place a unit from your hand to the field, or you summon a card from your deck to your field, its special effects activate if they state "Upon placement" or "upon playing."
  • You may move units the first turn they are placed, but you may not attack with them. Certain cards will bypass these rules.


  • When a card is considered untargetable, they can not be attacked by any enemy attacks. They can, however, by effected by counter and special effects (including those from advisors).
  • Cards that gain special effects under the condition (cannot be targetted) are activated when protected by cards such as Imperial Shieldmaster or Silver Shield, or when untargetable.

Healing and Restoration

When a card heals a unit or structure, this restores health but does not grant additional health beyond the maximum health value.

Dying vs Discarding vs Destroying

There are three types of "removal" effects within the game: dying, discarding, and destroying. Most cards that die will go to the discard, but if a card specifically states that it dies and does not go to the discard (such as Spooky Ghost or Shatterbone Footman), then it does not ever go to the discard. This nullifies all discard effects as well as does not end the game if the owner has 14 cards in their discard. If the card states that it is destroyed, or destroys another card(s), then the destroyed card is removed from the game and does not go to the discard. It will "die", then be desroyed. The destroyed cards never go to the discard.

Directly Placing

When placing a card directly from either the deck or the hand to the field, the owner ignores all Honor cost and requirements.

Attacking Allied Units

Under standard circumstances, your units can not attack other units in your groups (enemies include Haunt) or allied units (Exceptions include Sleeping Behemoth).

Special Attacks

All special effect attacks that say "attack an enemy unit" cannot be used on units in group 3 that they could not regularly attack. They can still effect units with untargetability however.

Specific Cards

Frenzied Gunslinger- This unit must be damaged the turn it attacks in order to be able to use its effect. It cannot attack again if the first damage it receives is from counter.

Vigilant Watchman- This unit's effects are not lost upon death or upon switching groups.

Sprite Magi- This unit does not retain any attack or defense when it has three damage on it even when its health is increased.

Faerie Circle- Even though it does not count as a unit, it an still be targetted by special effects as well as standard attacks.

Willing Sacrifice- The discarded unit that is targetted by the swap is placed immediately in the Willing Sacrifice's place.

Silhouette- Overkill damage does not count in terms of Honor gain from its Special.

Corruption- This unit's effects are not activated if upon placement effects are disallowed. In addition, when used, the effected enemy unit or structure is moved onto your side of the field, and this effect can not be used if you have no space on your side of the field.

Hired Gun- Even if this unit counters or does not attack its first few turns placed, it still gains the bonus damage on its first direct attack against an enemy.

Kael, Oblivion- This special is also activated if an enemy is dealt counter damage by Kael.

Treasure Kraken- This unit's effect does not take Treasure Kraken into account when regarding reduced Honor Cost.

Amilia the Tactician- The effect counts towards damage the target actually takes (after damage reduction).

The Risen- The special does not nullify Honor Cost but does allow it to be placed without Gateway.

Reanimated Delinquent- You do not need to discard a card first turn placed.

Plague of Undeath- If used on a card that returns to play after death, summon Risen in another empty slot adjacent to the target instead. If there are no open slots, the effects are cancelled and the Plague of Undeath card is destroyed. If used on a card that cannot die under certain circumstances, then that target is immune and Plague of Undeath is destroyed.

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