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RULES / Regulations (Read primarily) Empty RULES / Regulations (Read primarily)

Post by Bliztron on Sun Nov 09, 2014 2:10 am

While this is a place for ideas and thoughts to flourish, I do not want things getting out of hand. For this reason, there are a list of rules that must be followed to ensure the area becomes a safe and regulated zone.


1. No sexual content/conduct. This is not what this forum is for, and this type of material will be removed from the forums.

2. No discriminatory slurs will be tolerated. This shouldn't even need to mentioned, but nevertheless must be.

3. No cussing. This one isn't too bad, but It could potentially turn into a problem later on if it persists. I want this place to be a respectful community, and one cannot get respect if he swears like a sailor.

4. Absolutely no tolerance will be granted for spam-bumping or advertising. Your account will be blocked if a problem develops.

5. No mirror posting. You may not post multiple copies of the same thread. If this becomes an issue, all will be deleted. Message a moderator if you need help with an issue.

6. PLEASE post in the appropriate forums. The moderators will relocate out of place threads, but continuous inappropriate placement will incite punishment. Please message a moderator if you believe a mistake has been made.

7. No blatant plagiarism. If you wish to burrow somebody's work, properly cite them for it.


1. Cleaning time. Every once in awhile, I or a moderator will go through the forums and remove anything that violates one of these rules. This functions to keep the forums clean and uninhibited.

2. Relocation. If you need a thread relocated, contact one of the moderators and they will be able to help. Keep in mind that you should be placing them in the correct forum. Failure to properly place threads may issue punishment.

3. Clean language. If a post of yours or a thread of yours contains over the top belligerence or swearing, moderators hold it within their right to report it to me, the administrator. The administrator hols the right to delete anything he or she deems unfit immediately without the thread/comment owners consent.


1. Relocation and confiscation. The moderators and administrators hold the right to either relocate thread or confiscate them by bringing them within the admin's trash. They may do this at any time. If you have a grievance and believe the thread has been moved unfairly, you may report to one of the staff members.

2. Clearing of violating threads/comments. The moderators hold the clear right to report ANY thread or comment to the administrator for examination. If the thread/comment is deemed a violation of the rules, it can be deleted immediately.

3. Banning. The administrator holds the right to ban any member at any point in time for violating any rule or by expressing excessive aggression.

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