A Creeping Chill from the North.

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A Creeping Chill from the North. Empty A Creeping Chill from the North.

Post by Bliztron on Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:26 am

Far north, there is a furious, eternal storm that disallows any from crossing its oceans. This chilling storm allows no survivors to leave its frozen gales. Normally, as the Deathsail pirates control the seas and none can actively get off the land, this isn't a problem. But, recently, there have been tales that solid ice is spreading from the storm towards the land. Ocean surfaces are being transformed into thick ice similar to land, and creatures are appearing on the ice. This ice bridge, and its inhabitants, are slowly creeping towards the main continent. Those brave enough to venture to the ice bridge have come back spewing made tales of ice beasts and creatures of all shapes and sizes. But most terrifying of all is the tales of the towering, eyeless giant, made entirely of ice. Calling himself the God of the North Wind, he only progresses when he is surrounded by his minions, as they seem to give him life.

Along the ice, grand architecture has been built to house this North Wind god. He resides in there, and seems to control the ice creatures. To stop this incoming eternal winter, we, the Druids, are requesting brave travelers, generals, Kings, Queens, any, to come stop this expanse. Any resistance that has been sent so far has been quickly crushed by the ice creatures. We strong, brave warriors. Will you be the one to defend us all?

We have used our powers of growth on the ice, and beautiful flowers of ice have grown. If you repel the God of the North Wind, you shall be honored with the flower as your emblem. Good luck.

A Creeping Chill from the North. North_11

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