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Henry's Shitwalkers Empty Henry's Shitwalkers

Post by swag420blaze on Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:20 pm

So, with me wanting to improve my combo-play and also awareness in the card game, I want to practice with a shadewalker deck to see how it goes. Here's the list, feedback pls.
3x Shadow of the past, if discarded, draw 2
3x Shadeling - 1hnr, 4honor
3x Willing Sacrifice
2x Fallen Angel
3x Altar?
3x Archive
3x junkyard
3x Architects
3x Mechanic
1x The Maw
3x Deathsail Bucc
3x Silhouette
3x Raven Phantom
3x Malicious Revenge
1x The Risen
3x Circle Of Mages
1x ancient hound
2x demented peace keeper


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Henry's Shitwalkers Empty Re: Henry's Shitwalkers

Post by Bliztron on Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:39 pm

I'm not sure what this deck is supposed to be... The only structure you are running is Archive of the Lost, and yet you are running cards from other archetypes which require structures you don't have. I assume you are trying to use Altar to summon them out of your deck directly, but that puts reliance on Altar too much. I think you should trim the fat and focus on one thing more.

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