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[Event] March of Purification Empty [Event] March of Purification

Post by Bliztron on Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:25 am

Running Monday, November 17th through Sunday, November 30th.

What is an Event?

An event is a special occasion which offers the players an opportunity to obtain unique card backs as well as other unique rewards. They run through a specific time, and involve unique cards specific to that event. PLAYERS CANNOT USE THESE EVENT CARDS. A special deck is constructed that can be challenged by the players. If the players win, they will achieve the event card back.

Mark of Purification

The Jai-Mau survivors that hid under the mountains after the invasion have returned and reunited under a cause of vengeance. Seeking to purify the world of those who are passive enough to let an entire culture be destroyed, the group calling themselves the Purification has launched a global attack on the races of the world. Commanders are needed to battle this threat and push forwards to disbanding the threat.

System and Rewards

The unique deck, March of Purification, will be available for players to battle. If players win, they will receive the Purification card back.

Each time a player wins ANY match against another player (observed by a moderator), they will cast two votes towards a card they are aligned with. The two cards with the most votes will be instated as official cards that all players can use. The numbers of these cards will naturally be readjusted to fit in with the game. Chose your cards based on their effects opposed to their stats or numbers.

Each time a player loses (without surrendering), they will cast one vote towards a card they are aligned with.

Purification Card List

Players who defeat March of Purification will receive the Purification card back.

[Event] March of Purification March_14


If both cards added into the official cards require Monastery, Monastery will be added as a bonus third card and they will retain their requirement.

If one card requires Monastery and the other does not, the card requiring Monastery will be relieved of its requirement.

Current Votes

Bladed One:

Meditating Monk:

Jai-Mau Scrollkeeper: 11

Jai-Mau Crusader:

Jai-Mau Chainslinger:

Painted One:

Jai-Mau Wanderer: 8

Befouled One:

Dark Purifier:

Mystic One:

Blood Prophet: 1

Vengeful Monk:

Speaker of the Tigers: 5

Jai-Mau Crusher:

Jaku, the Lost:


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