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Cards That Need Nerfs Empty Cards That Need Nerfs

Post by Domswagniel on Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:13 am

-Mycella needs a nerf to not make it stack with the shire because it effectively destoys your entire board in 2 turns by doing SIX DAMAGE PER TURN

-Wispmother needs a small nerf to either her damage or her health as they are slightly too high for her costing 6 honor

-Silver Sword needs a nerf to its damage or health, because despite having anamazing effect allowing it to fully heal allies, it isnt evn hard to kill them with its insane attack, and you dont even need to heal yourself very much with the very high hp it has. not to mention the entire card costs 3 honor

-Vigilante needs to be changed to make it so it either dies after the turn it is placed, or can only activate the effect the turn it is placed, because right now as surpirsing as it might sound, there are actually alot of ways to keep it alive for more than one turn, meaning it deals 15 damage each turn

-Isles of Undeath needs a nerf to the insane amount of everything it provides, giving you more than a combat academy that can stack, shich is already great not even mentioning the insane amount of honor you rack up with its other passive

-Unyielding Swamp needs to be changed to make it unstackable to match its combat academy and council of war counterparts

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