They have bloodied our sacred lands...

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They have bloodied our sacred lands... Empty They have bloodied our sacred lands...

Post by Bliztron on Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:10 am

"They have bloodied our sacred lands, we shall bloody them all."

We stood helpless as they came, slaughtering, slaying.

We shifted from peace to defense as they raged on.

We cried in languish as our pools filled with blood.

We grasped our chests as our heart pulsed to a stop.

We fled, hid, as they shouted their cheers...

We mourned while the world turned away from our pleas.

They have bloodied our sacred lands... March_13

But no more. We will not be forgotten. Forsaken. Unavenged.

The world turned their backs on us as we begged for help.

We will take revenge on their indifference.

We will no longer be weak. We will crush those that oppose us.

Our emblem will be a beacon for our cause.

And any who stand in our way will became an example.

Of what it means to ignore the cries of the Jai-Mau.

We are Purification.

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