Hallowed woods Decklist December 27 2014 Patch 2.8. #betterthanethans

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Hallowed woods Decklist December 27 2014 Patch 2.8. #betterthanethans

Post by Domswagniel on Thu Nov 13, 2014 10:20 pm

A very traditional hallowed woods deck built around stalling until you can get out woodland walker and enchantress. Feel free to leave and feedback in the comment section below.
3x Sprite Archer 3
3x Woodland Stag 6
3x Illani Longshot 9
2x Elven Bowchanneler 11
3x Woodland Walker 14
2x Emerald Lorekeeper 16
2x Woodland Enchantress 18
3x Hallowed Woods 21
3x Motivation on the Wind 24
1x Feyfolk Historian 25

3x Jai-Mao Scrollkeeper 28
3x Jai-Mao Wanderer 31
2x Playful fox 33
2x Architect 35
1x Druid of the claw 36
1x Seraph 37
2x Norian Laborer 39
1x Siek Turret 40
2x Fallen Angel 42
1x Sky Whale 43
2x Phase Keeper 45

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