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Bog Humans Empty Bog Humans

Post by strobe on Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:50 pm

Bog Humans.

Human Engine: 9

3x Imperial Shieldmaster
3x Standard Bearer
2x Enchanted Armor
1x Plated Worm

Mercenary Toolbox: 16

3x Silver Shield
3x Shackled Lightning
2x Gravedigger
3x Fallen Angel
2x Sky Guardian
1x Enzi
1x Kael
1x Dae(nk)

Bog Engine: 12

2x Wicked Crocohawk
2x Swamp Dasher
2x Watery Apparition
3x Mud Trap
3x Bog Fiend

Mechanic Toolbox: 5

3x Architect
2x Ticking Time Bomb

Structures: 3

3x Unyielding Swamp


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