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Post by strobe on Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:45 pm

Sp00kWalkers, but more on the sp00ky side.

Undead Engine: 16

3x Shatterbone Footman
2x Lich
2x Risen Priestess
2x Reanimated Delinquent
3x Spooky Ghost
2x Gravedigger
2x Spectral Knight

Shadewalker Engine: 13

3x The Altar
3x Silhouette
2x Shadow of the Past
2x Shadeling
3x Bloated Bag

Mercenaries: 3

3x Fallen Angel

Mechanical Engine: 6

3x Mechanic
3x Architect

Structures: 7

3x Isles of Undeath
2x Gateway
2x Junkyard


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